• Elaboration of the invention description, based on the technical data obtained from the inventors or applicants.
  • Drawing up the necessary documentation for submitting the application to OSIM or the national or regional offices.
  • Representation before the PCT receiving office.
  • Representing the clients’ interests before OSIM and EPO for the whole period until obtaining the protection.
  • Consulting and elaboration of replies to the notifications issued by OSIM or EPO.
  • Elaboration of contest applications against the decisions issued by OSIM or EPO.
  • Elaboration and submission of oppositions and applications for revocation to OSIM and EPO.
  • Payment of the legal fees, including the ones for maintaining patents in force.
  • Elaboration of licence and assignment agreements regarding the ownership right.
  • Representing the clients’ interests in the negotiations regarding licence and assignment agreements.
  • Documentary research and survey regarding the counterfeiting risk.
  • Elaboration of the necessary documentation related to the customs procedures for the combat against counterfeiting.
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