Your ideas need protection”

Starting from this premise, we consider that each natural or legal person is entitled to protect its own creations and to render them profitable, in order to obtain material or other benefits, for the life standard improvement or the own business development.

In the competition environment, the loyal commercial practices are not always taken into consideration, and that is why it is essential to defend the industrial property rights and especially, to protect them by registration.

Therefore, in order to offer highly professional services and consulting in the domain, we have founded TURTOI & ASSOCIATES, Industrial Property Firm.

By the expertise accumulated within OSIM (the State Office for Patents and Trademarks), as well as following training courses with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), OHIM (Community Trademark Office), EPO (European Patent Office), we can ensure the protection of your rights conferred by registration.

Within a highly confidential and professional environment, we offer you a various range of services in the industrial property domain, in view of the development and promoting of your business and creation.

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